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Locally Raised Beef

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Fill your freezer with locally raised beef. We offer whole, half or split half options. Call today to place your order! 920-999-2651 Average lead time is 8 weeks. In meat faster order our bundles. See bundles for options.

A split half (quarter) consist of the following ON AN AVERAGE 200lb qrt.


Chuck Roast

3# Roast, 4-6 per Qtr

Shoulder Roast

3# Roast, 1-2 per Qtr

Rib Eye

1” Thick, 2 per pkg, 2-3 per Qrt

Soup Bones

Yes or No

Short Ribs

Yes or No


T-Bone/Porterhouse Steak

1” , 2 per pkg, 2-3 per qrt

Sirloin Steak

1” Thick, 1 per pkg, 2-3 per qrt

Round: (choose one)

-Steaks (regular, cube or tenderized)

-Steak Sandwiches


-Ground Round

(12-15# per qrt)

2 per pkg

4 per pkg

4 #

1 #

Rump Roast

3# Roast (1 per qrt)

Sirloin Tip (Roast or Stew Meat)

3# Roast (2 per qrt) or 6-1# pkg


Bulk Ground Beef

1#, 1.5# or 2#

Hamburger Patties

5# rolls Std

Steaks are cut to the thickness you specify: 1” is normal thickness. Steak thickness must be the same for split halves to ensure there is an even division of the cuts. (On a split half, also called a “mixed quarter” or ½ of a ½ , the customer receives cuts from both the front and hind portion of the beef).

Hamburger patties are packed in 5lb rolls unless otherwise specified.The meat comes from the trimmings and will decrease the amount of ground beef you end up with.

Any cooked or smoked product is subject to weight loss.Please call us if you have questions on that.

Other cuts are available upon request (i.e. brisket, flank, skirt steak, etc.). If you would like a specific cut, please let us know. If you do not want these cuts, we put these into your ground beef.

All prices are subject to change without notice. A 3% cash discount available on all custom processing.

Your beef will be ready for pick up on the Friday the week after your animal was sent in for slaughter. You can pick up your beef during normal business hours-

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